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    Load - Bearing Wall Removal

    Preserve your home's stability while expanding your living space.

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      Load-bearing walls support the structural integrity of your home, but with some planning and a consultation with our engineer, we can safely remove these walls to create an open feel in your home. Typically part of a larger home remodel or kitchen renovation, removing a load-bearing wall requires an engineer's skillful evaluation to determine how to safely carry the load without the wall. The result can transform your home.

      Depending on the final look you want and the engineer’s recommendation, our team uses a laminated veneer lumber (LVL) or steel beam to carry the load, with the goal of concealing the beam inside the joist space to create a flat, seamless ceiling and a new, wide open space.

      • Open Concept

      Open Concept

      Many older homes are 'boxy'; in other words, they were created with several small rooms. But Great Spaces can (often) remove those walls to create a more open concept space that feels more spacious and inviting.

      Open Concept

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